Annabouboula Pioneers of World Beat… Masters Of Greek Psychedelic Funk

THE BYZAN TONES Annabouboula’s unruly offspring RETURN to Otto’s Shrunken Head THIS SATURDAY NIGHT-!

December 30, 2014 / by barbayiorgi

This SATURDAY NIGHT! Will 2015 be the year THE BYZAN TONES conquer the world??– OR will it be MERELY a milestone in musical history – starting with GREEK SURF-ROCK PSYCHEDELIC MADNESS returning triumphantly to New York City’s OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD to celebrate UNSTEADY FREDDIE’S BIRTHDAY SURF-ROCK EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Ottos Flyer 01-03-15

The ByzanTones at Otto’s Shrunken Head Sat. 01/03/15

SATURDAY JAN. 3  11 PM Otto’s Shrunken Head  538 E. 14th St. between Ave. A & B  NYC, New York 10009 –  ByzanTones at 11pm – (“…absolutely stunned the crowd… they’re once again one of New York’s best bands.” -NY Music Daily) with a great bill of surf/instru-Mental maniacs: starting with Bongo Surf – 9pm; Let’s Go Trippin’ – 10pm (Dick Dale Tribute band) THEN swear  allegiance to The ByzanTone Empire at 11pm and stay for Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion – 12am 

The secret cult of musician-mystics known to you as The ByzanTones… have been completing a long-awaited debut album BYZAN-TONE EMPIRE…  a melange of original melodies inspired by exotic music such as the Greek Gangsta Blues that the ByzanTones perform in their acoustic manifestation as DERVISI.


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