Annabouboula Pioneers of World Beat… Masters Of Greek Psychedelic Funk


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Now HEAR this, all fans friends and fiends from the worlds of Dervisi, The ByzanTones, Annabouboula and beyond:

This SATURDAY NIGHT Jan 24 2015 (9 PM to midnight… more or less) come to Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s swingin’est bar TROOST   to partake of the musical mind-bending experience that is DJ BARBA YIORGI selecting amazing tracks from a treasure trove of Afro-Balkan Psychedelic Groove and World Music Soul Rarities…. All danceable – Some even maybe sung in human languages!  Anadolu-Gypsy-Latin-Sahelian-Congolese-Greek-American-Garage Rock-Electro Funk and more!

TROOST is at 1011 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222 near Green St.   347-889-6761

Spotlight on The ByzanTones

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To present a new direction for 21st century party music inspired by classic swingin’ sounds like surf master Dick Dale and belly-dance guitarist Omar Khorshid and built on the legacy of the pioneer Psychedelic Greek Funk group, Annabouboula… The ByzanTones celebrate their Greek roots by exposing the Eastern modal force that lies in wait, like a half-buried city of dreams, lurking deep in the grooves of modern genres… Hear some previews of ByzanTone Empire, their long-awaited debut release, at this link to ByzanTone guitarist Barba Yiorgi’s soundcloud channel:

Follow this link for Music by Dervisi, The ByzanTones, and Annabouboula –

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George Barba Yiorgi has a selection of tunes By DERVISI (Greek Gangsta-Punk-Rembetika) The ByzanTones (Psychedelic Greek Surf-Rock) and World Music pioneers Annabouboula at his SoundCloud page. Includes 3 live DERVISI Rembetiko classics, previews of the forthcoming ByzanTones release, and Annabouboula rarities such as the Paul C  version of “Hamam”:

THE BYZAN TONES Annabouboula’s unruly offspring RETURN to Otto’s Shrunken Head THIS SATURDAY NIGHT-!

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This SATURDAY NIGHT! Will 2015 be the year THE BYZAN TONES conquer the world??– OR will it be MERELY a milestone in musical history – starting with GREEK SURF-ROCK PSYCHEDELIC MADNESS returning triumphantly to New York City’s OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD to celebrate UNSTEADY FREDDIE’S BIRTHDAY SURF-ROCK EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Ottos Flyer 01-03-15

The ByzanTones at Otto’s Shrunken Head Sat. 01/03/15

SATURDAY JAN. 3  11 PM Otto’s Shrunken Head  538 E. 14th St. between Ave. A & B  NYC, New York 10009 –  ByzanTones at 11pm – (“…absolutely stunned the crowd… they’re once again one of New York’s best bands.” -NY Music Daily) with a great bill of surf/instru-Mental maniacs: starting with Bongo Surf – 9pm; Let’s Go Trippin’ – 10pm (Dick Dale Tribute band) THEN swear  allegiance to The ByzanTone Empire at 11pm and stay for Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion – 12am 

The secret cult of musician-mystics known to you as The ByzanTones… have been completing a long-awaited debut album BYZAN-TONE EMPIRE…  a melange of original melodies inspired by exotic music such as the Greek Gangsta Blues that the ByzanTones perform in their acoustic manifestation as DERVISI.


DERVISI Greek Gangsta Blues featuring Barba Yiorgi from Annabouboula

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DERVISI come back to TROOST Greenpoint Brooklyn THIS THURSDAY  Dec. 11

Exotic Greek Gangsta Blues and PunkRembetika… with George Barba Yiorgi, Homeboy Steve “Spiti-pethi Stelio” Antonakos, Thanassi “Ethan D” Dervisi
Thursday December 11 8:30pm-10:30pm At Greenpoint’s coolest watering hole (right up the street from the Greenpoint Ave. G stop!)
TROOST 1011 Manhattan Avenue (between Huron and Green) Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY 11222
“the awesomely dark and mysterious songs and dances of the old-time Greek Rembetika underworld, originally performed by the hashish clans, gangsters and pimps of a now vanished Mediterranean subculture and the Greek bouzouki songwriters who mythologized it… ”
CHECK US OUT on SoundCloud:

DERVISI Including Annabouboula members performing Exotic Greek Gangsta Blues

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Annabouboula continues to follow the melismatic perambulations of those Bad Boys of neo-Rembetica, The Byzan-Tones’ acoustic spin-off act DERVISI. Their next outing will be TONIGHT (Thursday May 15) at the cozy coffee bar Espresso 77  located at35-57 77th Street (just off of 37th Avenue)  (74th-Broadway stop on the 7 train) in Jackson Heights, Queens. DERVISI are REPRESENTING the spirit of Old Piraeus with a style they call Punk Rembetic. They are George Barba Yiorgi on tzura, guitar and vocals,  Stelios “SpitiPethi” (Homeboy Steve) Antonakos on guitar and Thanassi Donaldson on baghlama and percussion.  Barba Yiorgi is a co-founder/musical director of Annabouboula; Thanassi (aka Ethan) D. played drums and engineered crucial tracks on the last Annabouboula release “Greek Fire”; and  Homeboy Stelio, (apart from his parallel life as an in-demand American roots-rock guitarist/songwriter) spent many years performing with New York City’s premiere Greek party band, Magges (a band inspired by the legendary Trio Bel Canto). A frequent guest performer with DERVISI is longtime Annabouboula collaborator, clarinetist Big George Stathos… We’ll be updating you with their latest exploits as they try to evade Officer Bairaktaris and other party-poopers, in their quest for Peace, Love, Odd meters and fragrant herbal remedies.